Sometimes when you have an idea in your head, you just can't let it go. No matter what, it's always the back of you mind, and every so often it rears its little head and you wonder..."when am I ever going to do something about that?" That is where JetBlack comes in, we help realize your vision.

About JetBlack Limited

Michael Trzecieski is the founder and CEO of JetBlack Ltd. Michael has over 8 years of leadership experience in high tech engineering, product development and manufacturing companies. Most recently Michael worked with consumer electronics companies WowWee and Jasman Toys . Recent commercial successes with WowWee include design engineering and project management of the RoboPet and RoboPanda products. Prior to this, Michael served as the Product Development Manager for Jasman's entire product line.

Michael holds a degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University and is a certified Canadian Patent Agent. He has authored over a 100 patent applications and holds 4 issued patents with 12 patents currently pending.

What we do

JetBlack offers a wide range of product engineering, prototyping, production and project management services for customers who desire an Asian presence. Located in Hong Kong, JetBlack Ltd. has built many relationships with manufacturers, product designers, packaging designers and hardware & software design and integration services over the years. One of our key value propositions is this array of product related services in such close proximity to the immense Asian manufacturing base.

JetBlack is positioned with its contacts to assist both individuals and companies looking to turn their ideas into products. Our engineers are well versed in the product development cycle, and have the experience and pragmatic worldview needed to hit our targets. We have a vast knowledge of many manufacturing and engineering processes for realizing your ideas into a production reality. Services offered include, but are not limited to consultation, advising on complex, multi-staged projects, such as feasibility & design assessments, prototyping, rapid prototyping and tooling costs. We can figure out how much will it cost per piece to manufacture. We are the partners, in Asia, you wish you had.

Do you have an idea you want to turn into a product? Let us help.